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Helping organisations to embrace geo-location diversity

Since the pandemic, companies the world over are now leveraging Managed IT Services for the hybrid workforce to help them to save costs, improve employee work/life balance, and to scale operations quickly and effectively. Ethical IT supports organisations such as yours as you utilise a model that includes either both off- and on-site workers OR fully off-site workers –  to meet operational objectives and remain competitive in an ever-evolving and volatile marketplace.

1. Transitioning to a hybrid workforce.

3. Optimising IT for a seamless hybrid workflow.

2. Securing your hybrid workflow.

4. Gaining visibility into hybrid worker productivity.


Enabling hybrid-workforce efficiency


Hybrid workforce – The new normal?

Pew Research says that “roughly six-in-ten U.S. workers who say their jobs can mainly be done from home (59%) are working from home all or most of the time.”(1) Forbes reported that “by 2025, an estimated 70% of the workforce” will be working out of the office at least five days a month.(2)

Securing company data from anywhere (Office and remote workers)

Microsoft’s Digital Defense Report stated that the shift to hybrid and remote off-site working  “created new attack surfaces for cybercriminals to take advantage of, such as home devices being used for business purposes.”3   Here are a few of the high-impact security protocols that Ethical IT’s  ‘Managed IT Services for the Hybrid Workforce’ includes:

  • Enterprise-grade firewall (both physical and virtual endpoint-based) protecting the device regardless of location
  • Secure VPN  as an added layer of protection on non-company networks
  • DNS filtering to prevent malicious website activity and enforce company-acceptable use policies
  • Data encryption at rest and in transit – make your data unusable to criminals
  • Endpoint management to secure, update, and monitor devices from anywhere
  • Identity access management systems protecting credentialed access to network and cloud infrastructure
  • Enterprise-grade Antivirus to combat ransomware, malware, adware, etc
  • Email filtering for advanced threat protection and business continuity email services
  • Automated EndPoint remediation to detect and resolve issues in real-time, enabling continuity
  • Patch Management to enforce compliance with security standards and protect against malicious attack
  • Backup Management for data retention compliance and redundancy


Enabling hybrid-workforce efficiency

  1. Operational and security monitoring and management: overseeing the function and security of your work-from-anywhere technologies
  2. Cloud-based applications: delivering full workflow functionality regardless of your employee’s physical location and available from anywhere
  3. Workforce analytics: providing you with visibility and insights into the productivity and work habits of your employees-in the office or working from home
  4. VPN (virtual private network): using VPN technology where appropriate to encrypt and protect data in transit across non-company networks and the internet
  5. VoIP (voice over internet protocol): harnessing the power of internet-enabled business communications for your team
  6. Business continuity and disaster recovery: putting redundancies in place to deal with unforeseen negative IT events
  7. Collaboration tools: making use of a wide range of options, ranging from video chat and direct messaging to secure email and cloud-based project collaboration tools

Supporting hybrid workforce IT requirements

  • A consistent, monthly IT support expense
  • A single point of contact for all your technology needs
  • A technology support solution that can scale with you
  • Data-driven employee productivity transparency
  • Provides answers and support for your employees’ day-to-day IT questions
  • Confidence in your cybersecurity management, monitoring, and posture
  • Consulting to deliver mobile and innovative IT options
  • Mitigation of unplanned downtime risk
  • Proactive IT maintenance to keep your operations up and running

Solution overview:

What we do:

We provision, secure, maintain and support the technology used by your hybrid workforce. Our team delivers the same level of IT assistance, proactive care, and troubleshooting for employees working on-site as off-site employees.

Why we do it:

Forward-thinking business leaders are choosing to move their workforce to a hybrid model. Long before work-from-anywhere became mainstream, our team of IT management and security specialists have been driven to help companies like yours get the most out of their IT systems.

How we do it:

We use proactive, remote IT management and cybersecurity approaches underpinned by enterprise-grade IT protection protocols and cutting-edge tech management tools. Our team works wherever needed—remote or on-site—to optimize, maintain, and secure your systems.

Top customer pain points:

  • Securing employee’s endpoint devices
  • Monitoring employee activity and productivity (transparency)
  • Protecting data and workflow with employees using non-company networks
  • Performance of the employees’ devices (maintenance)
  • Data security
  • Ensuring employees’ cyber awareness

Would you like more information on how Ethical IT can help your organisation?