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At Ethical IT we can offer secure managed backup services for your existing Office 365 environment (email, OneDrive, SharePoint) or immediately after migrating your data into Office 365 as part of your ‘Digital Transformation’. Companies should make backups mandatory to prevent the loss of important data.

Backups facilitate the restoration of crucial services and data following a disaster recovery event. In addition to this, backups of Office 365 allow us to restore a lost document, an email, entire SharePoint sites and mailboxes.

Aside from continuity it provides to your business and workforce, from a compliance perspective, having backups in place also checks a number of boxes across all information security standards.

We have a secure backup platform that will:

  • Take screenshots of your SharePoint documents every 6 hours
  • Obtain snapshots of your email data every 4 hours
  • Do backups for OneDrive
  • Retain 12 months of your SharePoint data
  • Retain 7 years of email data

Ethical IT knows the importance of confidentiality for sensitive data. That’s why all your documents will be stored on a secure server with extensive cybersecurity encryptions. For email backups, our SolarWinds backup platform will prevent ex-employees from entering the system.

Why Are Managed Backup Services Crucial For Your Business?

Essentially, backup services make copies of your documents to allow restoration in the event of data loss. Your data is stored on a separate platform so it can be restored if your main server crashes.

Another way you could lose important company documentation is by experiencing cyber attacks and system breaches. Physical disasters can also be a potential threat to your data. That’s why most businesses use cloud solutions to back up their documents.

Ethical IT offers backup storage solutions and complies with data retention policies. With extensive backup solutions you can expect:

  • Backups that are secure from potential cyber attacks
  • Proper monitoring of your company’s backed up files
  • Minimised human error to improve efficiency of your backups
  • Prevention of ransomware by using direct-to cloud backups
  • Frequently saving new data
  • Full backup capacity to suit the size of your organisation

Ethical IT offers this in a sustainable and also cost-effective way.

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How Ethical IT Can Assist You With Comprehensive Backup Solutions

Custom Solutions

Ethical IT offers custom backup solutions for all types of business whether they’re large corporations or small start-ups.

Consistent Uptime

Your data will be available to you whenever you need it, with minimal downtimes.

Immediate Recovery

In the event of a server crash or cyber breach, Ethical IT will secure your systems and restore all your data with immediate effect.

Extensive Security

All data is encrypted to prevent unauthorised personnel from accessing your documents.

Frequent Backups

Latest documentation is backed up immediately after creation.

Backup Compliance

Ethical IT complies with your requirements as well as government legislations on data storage.

IT Support

If you’ve experienced data loss, Ethical IT will be there to restore your servers.

Backup Solutions You Can Trust

As an organisation it may be difficult to trust an outside party with your company’s confidential records. Ethical IT handles your backups with the utmost care to ensure your data never falls into the wrong hands.

Additionally, Ethical IT also offers IT consultancy and training. So if you have any questions about our managed backup services we can walk you through the process. Our IT experts make a point of building rapport with clients, to give you peace of mind about your data and business.

Ethical IT also offers the following services you can rely on:

We’re the sustainable solution that helps you keep your business running and your data safe.

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What type of support will Ethical IT provide?

Ethical IT will provide all the cyber security support you need for your business. We offer extensive IT awareness training to help you get used to your new systems. Additionally, we are on call in case you experience a cyber breach or server crash.

What sort of cyber security do you offer for my backups?

We provide extensive online encryptions to protect your data from cyber attacks. So whether you’re storing personal information from clients or your employees’ details, it will all be secured on a second server that only authorised personnel can access.

How often do you back up documents?

Ethical IT captures screenshots of your data every 6 hours and emails are backed up every four hours. This data is kept for 12 months and emails are kept for 7 years. Data will only be removed with your consent.

Do you offer disaster recovery?

Yes, Ethical IT will help you recover from any unforeseen disaster whether it was physical damage to your systems, a cyber attack or a server crash.

Do you offer backup solutions for all business sizes?

Yes, whether you’re a start-up, SMB or large enterprise, Ethical IT will be able to provide managed backup services relevant to your business.

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