Are you treating data as an asset?

Are you confident in the effectiveness of your Business Continuity Plan (BCP)?

Business continuity and disaster recovery services play a vital role in the continuity of any business.

Fact: it can determine your survivability.

Deciding on the right tools and importantly, the right team to deliver on your recovery point and service delivery objectives is crucial to the success of your BCP.

Disasters that pose a risk to your business include:

  • Cyber attacks
  • Natural disasters
  • Robberies
  • Fires

Without a tested and comprehensive data recovery strategy from a professional IT service provider, you risk losing all your company’s data.

Ethical IT offers disaster recovery and continuity services to minimise the effects that these risks pose to your organisation and deliver against your objectives for continuity. Our IT security professionals will respond to emergencies to ensure you can recover appropriately after experiencing a disaster.

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How Disaster Recovery Works

To ensure the safety of your company’s data, your chosen services are duplicated and stored on an offsite location. This ensures that you have a complete backup of your selected company’s data. If you experience a cyber attack or natural disaster that may compromise your organisation’s normal operations, Ethical IT has you covered. Additionally, swift service is essential! Quick recovery is important to ensure your company can continue operating to avoid losing revenue.

Ethical IT provides disaster recovery services to help your organisation avoid devastating data loss that can have a negative financial effect on your business. In the event of a disaster, we’ll recover your data from the offsite location and restore your services in a timely manner.

Why trust Ethical IT? Our senior management team will work with you when implementing this service. Together we’ll outline and define your recovery and delivery objectives. This provides assurance to your board/Senior Management team that you are in safe hands.

With Ethical IT your backed up data is secured by strict protocols to prevent cyber attacks to your backups. Using encryption at rest and in transit, trust Ethical IT to protect your most vulnerable asset: DATA.

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An Effective Disaster Recovery Plan for Business Continuity

Evaluating Risks

We evaluate the disaster risks and devise a viable strategy so your company can recover quickly.

Backup Services

Ensure your company can bounce back from a disaster. We provide secure and robust backup services.

Penetration Testing

Regular penetration tests will find any weak spots in your cybersecurity infrastructure to prevent potential disasters.

24/7 IT Support

For fast recovery, our 24/7 support services help ensure your business can continue operating without delays.

Business Without Regrets – Be Prepared

Cyber attacks are at an all time high so Ethical IT provides extensive cybersecurity strategies to ensure your data is safe at all times. Here’s what you can expect from Ethical IT’s disaster recovery and business continuity services:

  • Regular point-in-time snapshots for data backups
  • Strong crisis management strategy
  • Tested recovery plans to ensure it works in the event of a disaster
  • Prevention strategies to minimise disaster risks
  • 24/7 support

Ethical IT may provide the service but you decide what data needs to be backed up and who has access to these files.

Partner with the team that protects your interests, so you can focus on your business.

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Is disaster recovery and business continuity the same?

There are differences between the two services but they usually go hand-in-hand. Business continuity is designed to keep your business operational in the event of a disaster. On the other hand, disaster recovery, an element of business continuity, focuses on the data and digital structure of a business to prevent loss of data.

What will happen if I don’t have a disaster recovery plan?

You could potentially face lawsuits if you lose client documentation or personally identifiable information. Without access to your data you can also experience continued financial loss as a result of being unable to operate in a normal capacity.

Does a small business need disaster recovery?

Yes, no matter what the scale of your business is you should opt for disaster recovery services and have a business continuity plan in place. Fortunately, services can be affordable for small or start-up companies.

How does disaster recovery ensure the safety of my company’s data?

Whether stored on the cloud or on an offsite location, your data is protected by extensive encryptions. Professional IT services also perform regular backups to ensure no data is lost.

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