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Empower Your Business with Our Advanced IT Solutions

IT Support Services

Your partner for seamless managed IT support that empowers your organisation to thrive. We're here for you precisely when you need it most.

Unlimited IT Support

Experience unlimited support with 24/7 availability

Cybersecurity at the Core

ISO27001 & Cyber Essentials Plus certified to safeguard your data

Reliable & Proactive

Solid reliability & strategic proactivity

Tailored Support

Crafted solutions for SMEs - full or co-managed expertise


Supporting businesses with up to 250 employees, we can help you to streamline operations


Customised IT partnerships to drive large-scale success

Public Sector & Social Change

Partner with us to amplify your mission and drive meaningful transformations within communities. We have a wealth of knowledge in this space!

Empowering Enterprises and Elevating Communities through Strategic Digitalisation

Inspired by our mission to digitally transform businesses of all sizes, we specialise in empowering large enterprises to embrace innovation and adapt to the digital age. Simultaneously, we stand side by side with small and medium businesses, tailoring digital solutions that harmonise with their unique operations. Discover how we fuel growth, efficiency, and impact through our comprehensive suite of sector-specific IT services.

Why Choose Ethical IT

  • Security Assurance: Certified ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus organisation protecting your data
  • Dedicated Support: Dedicated Service Ops and Account Managers provide personalised attention, ensuring your IT solutions consistently align with your goals
  • Scalable Pricing: Benefit from cost-effective and scalable pricing models that grow alongside your business, optimising your investment’s value.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Our KPI-driven customer services are designed to prioritise your satisfaction, delivering exceptional support that meets your unique needs.
  • 24/7 Availability: Experience uninterrupted operations with round-the-clock IT assistance. Our team is here to elevate your productivity
  • Expert Leadership: Our certified and experienced leadership team provides a strong foundation for strategic oversight, guiding your IT journey with seasoned expertise.
  • Automated Excellence: Our expertise extends to onboarding automation, ensuring seamless integration and rapid productivity
  • Hardware Lifecycle Management: We oversee your hardware’s complete lifecycle, from procurement to disposal, ensuring optimal performance and budget efficiency

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The Importance of capable IT Support

Your data’s security should be non-negotiable. Any threat to a company’s data can lead to major financial loss. That’s why having adept IT support is not just a necessity—it’s your competitive edge.

Our IT support team serves as your unwavering partner, ensuring that when challenges arise, you have a reliable and proficient resource to:

  • Respond Swiftly
    In the face of adversity, our team is poised to address issues promptly, minimising potential disruptions
  • Protect Your Data
    Safeguarding your valuable data is our top priority. We employ state-of-the-art measures to shield your information from threats
  • Minimise Impact
    With proactive strategies and swift intervention, we work to reduce the impact of challenges, keeping your operations on track.
  • Restore Normalcy
    Should the unexpected occur, our dedicated team is committed to restoring your business to its usual state, swiftly and seamlessly.

Do you have a well-defined continuity and disaster recovery plan in place? Can you confidently rely on your current IT team to restore services promptly after an unforeseen event?

At Ethical IT, we don’t just provide support; we provide empowerment. Our strategic approach, combined with our industry-certified experts, ensures your operations remain resilient in the face of adversity.


What is IT Outsourcing?

Your organisation can hire a third-party IT service provider to assist with managing aspects like servers and networks. Those providers are also called MSP (managed service provider).

How does outsourcing IT solutions help you?

Outsourcing to an IT company improves operational efficiency because you get expert input without the expense of employing someone in-house. This makes for a cost effective solution, while improving your access to resources and professional advice. You also have the benefit of 24/7 support, so you know you can deal with problems whenever they arise. IT issues will have less of an impact on productivity, customer service and security.

Who needs 24/7 IT support?

Any company that uses computers or any digital infrastructure will need 24/7 support from a reliable IT company in some form. This may be delivered by automated monitoring services for servers and applications, or direct support for any employees working outside of UK office hours. Without it you risk lengthy downtimes, hindered productivity and escalating problems.

How do I contact your support team?

You can give us a call, use our customer ticket portal or send us an email.

What is co-managed IT Support?

Co-managed IT support involves collaborating with an external provider to complement your in-house IT team’s efforts. This flexible approach is ideal for organisations seeking to enhance their IT capabilities while maintaining control. Discover more here

Can you support large enterprises as well?

Absolutely, our MSP solutions are designed to cater to both small and large enterprises. Our scalable approach ensures that we adapt to your organisation’s unique requirements. Reach out and we will work out the best possible option for your organisation.

Let's Talk

Partnership starts with a conversation. Whether you have a question about our services or would like to request a quote, we are happy to help!

Ethical IT managed to reduce our data hosting costs and ensure that our business continuity, backup and disaster recovery plans were stable and as ethical as possible.


Ethical IT was tasked with setting up our IT infrastructure for our new offices. The team has been incredibly supportive and quick off the mark in installing our new IT systems. Ethical IT’s helpdesk support has been invaluable: always there for us, always happy to help. Thank you.


Ethical IT has worked in partnership with us and delivered an IT platform that is less expensive, more forward-thinking and more flexible. It has also allowed our remote offices to access all parts of the AGE UK network, simply, efficiently and easily.