An Effective Information Security Program

Planning for change and robust cyber security awareness training is paramount to the delivery of an effective Information Security Program.

At Ethical IT we understand that system changes can have a major impact on your business but also your people. If they don’t buy into the changes, you won’t enjoy all of the benefits.

As part of our project delivery process and within our Managed User Awareness training, we offer user and organisation IT awareness training. IT awareness training is a critical part of both initial onboarding and the ongoing cyber security journey. Some of our services may include:

  • SharePoint moves with user acceptance training and departmental webinars.
  • Regular phishing simulations across your organisation.
  • Information on password security, privacy instructions and insider cyber security threats.
  • IT policy compliance.
  • Understanding how modern technology can work for your organisation.
  • Insight into the latest tech in the marketplace.

Ethical IT has been in operation for over a decade so you’re guaranteed training from certified industry professionals. After training, your organisation will be adequately prepared and comfortable with any new system that is introduced and better prepared to address cyber security threats in the workplace.

Why Your Business Needs IT Awareness Training

The cyber security threat landscape is rapidly evolving and unfortunately your workforce presents the highest level of risk to your organisation:

  • Any breach could have catastrophic effects on your business, its reputation and its ability to trade.
  • If your employees don’t know how to operate new systems properly or comply with security policies and standards it can slow down production.
  • You risk someone circumventing vital security processes.

There are many stats that prove IT awareness training is one of the best investments you can make (provided by ‘Department of Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (UK)’.

You, me and Ethical IT

Entities that reported cyber security breaches over a 12-month period:

  • 39% of businesses
  • 26% of charities

Cyber attacks are higher among:

  • Medium businesses
  • Large businesses
  • High-income charities

Ethical IT awareness training reduces user risk and prepares your organisation for an IT infrastructure revamp.

After training you can expect:

  • Users to fully understand the role they play at combating security breaches
  • How to identify and report specific cyber attacks
  • The importance of cyber hygiene
  • How to operate new systems before going live
  • Knowing which technology is a wise investment for your business
  • Knowledge about sustainability through correct use of technology

What kind of IT awareness training do you need?

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What You Can Expect From Ethical IT During Training

Tailor Made Solutions

Not every organisation will require the same training. Ethical IT will develop training sessions that are relevant to your organisation’s needs.

Be Fully Prepared

Ethical IT has the expertise to provide the tools your organisation needs to operate new systems effectively.

Reduce Risk

To prevent cyber security attacks, Ethical IT will train your users on how to keep your systems clean.

Increase Awareness

Ethical IT will train users on how to recognise and handle phishing emails so that it doesn’t pose a risk to your systems.


We consider your exact needs, perspective and experience first. We create training sessions that will be relevant to you as a team.


We don’t simply teach you how to perform a few tasks, but how to understand your IT system. This empowers your team to optimise the use of the resources, even when we’re not around.


Our training helps you discover ways to lower your organisation’s carbon footprint.

Consult Ethical IT

No matter what industry you’re in, Ethical IT will provide professional and detailed training that anyone can understand. And, if you need additional assistance after training, Ethical IT will be here to take your call.

There are additional services we offer that go hand in hand with IT awareness training such as:

We are a cyber security consultant you can trust. Do you need IT training?

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Will I fully understand the training Ethical IT provides?

Ethical IT will develop your training in a format that everyone will be able to follow and understand. Training material such as videos or manuals may be given to provide users with content they can refer back to if they forget certain parts of their training.

What other elements will I be trained on in IT awareness?

IT awareness training includes the practical application of your new IT system but also cybersecurity. Therefore your training may include information about ransomware and how to work with removable media (USBs or hard drives) safely.

Will IT awareness training speed up production?

Yes, the purpose of IT awareness training is to teach users how to operate new systems so that it doesn’t affect workflow. Users are also trained on how to avoid cyber risks when using these systems.

How do I know what my business needs?

The tech and IT industry is difficult to keep up with because it sees changes all the time. Talk to our experts or request a training session on technologies in the current marketplace. Empower yourself with information to make wise decisions and investments.

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Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021, ‘Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport’, March 2021.

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