Need hardware or software?

Use Ethical IT for ALL your procurement, so you can benefit from a centralised system.

Our technology consulting experts can obtain all the hardware and software resources you require. We’ll assist from planning to implementation, ensuring optimal results. By using Ethical IT as your hardware and software procurement specialists, you can look forward to:

  • Short lead time
  • Low costs
  • Easy deployment
  • Positive end user experience

We offer this service paired with our focus on sustainability, all thanks to the suppliers we partner with.

Lower your carbon footprint while upgrading your system, simply by picking the right procurement specialists.

Prevent the Risks of a Fragmented System

When different assets don’t form a unified whole, your system won’t work in your favour, even if it’s the latest tech.

  • In a fragmented system you can’t maintain standardisation. This has an effect on efficiency across your organisation. For example, there may be incompatibility between different business functions’ assets, whether hardware or software. This will result in unnecessary holdups in workflows and productivity.
  • Without standardisation, it becomes extremely difficult to train and onboard team members who need to use the system. These difficulties and negative user experiences mean your team won’t use your system optimally. This can influence your organisation’s efficiency, output, customer satisfaction and much more.
  • If you don’t plan procurement well, it will be difficult to scale your system to meet your future needs.

These challenges easily arise when you use different vendors or allow each of your departments to manage their own business assets. By using Ethical IT as your dedicated hardware and software procurement agent, you guarantee success from the start.

Why take the risk?

Get the most out of your system by using Ethical IT to procure your future IT assets. We’ll deliver a custom system, while always keeping sustainability in mind.

We help you be more efficient while limiting your carbon footprint.

What Does Your Business Need?
You, me and Ethical IT

Centralised Procurement with Ethical IT, for Optimal Outcomes


We evaluate the disaster risks and devise a viable strategy so your company can recover quickly.

We make sure you get the hardware and software that fits your unique needs.

A to Z

We assist you all the way, from planning to deployment and configuration.


Our solutions are sustainable thanks to our respected partners and suppliers.

Improving Your Brand

The right system empowers you to deliver better quality service and products.


Our unfragmented, standardised systems can be modified to meet your future needs.

End User Satisfaction

It’s easy to onboard end users on our standardised systems, improving productivity and experiences.


Procuring the right assets from the get-go means fewer expenses in the long term.

How Our Procurement Services Make You More Sustainable

You can have peace of mind that you’re lowering your carbon footprint, simply by using Ethical IT as your procurement team. We partner with suppliers that value sustainability in their work methods as well as the products they provide.

Through us you can obtain quality, but sustainable resources, such as remanufactured devices. You can also be assured of minimal carbon emissions during production.

Let’s Discuss Your Order
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Why is wise procurement so important?

In the modern environment, IT resources are vital for any business, whether SMB or large enterprise. Also, the assets you procure today will determine your future success. Procuring the wrong assets means you’re wasting your capital while also affecting business outcomes such as productivity.

What procurement services do you offer?

Ethical IT offers a 360° service. We can obtain the necessary hardware and software resources for any sized company.

To ensure the best possible outcome, we partner with you right from the start! We’ll plan your system according to your unique needs, acquire the resources and configure the system. You can also use our training services to onboard your team. This ensures a dynamic system and efficient use, once activated.

How does procurement affect your productivity?

Your systems determine how well your team can perform their tasks and how efficiently automated tasks take place. When you procure the wrong assets or obtain components that aren’t compatible, there will be more mistakes and hampered workflows.

Can you assist with all the steps in the procurement process?

As a professional IT services company, Ethical IT understands the time and energy you put in when investing in resources for your organisation. It’s as important to us as it is to you to find the best possible products, ensuring a high ROI. We take our time planning the system, comparing suppliers and making final product selections. We’ll also handle delivery, installation and configuration, helping you obtain and use the best possible system with the least amount of effort.

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