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New Digital Solutions

Your new digital solutions can empower you to perform better than ever before, helping you be more productive, efficient and competitive. But only if the installation and implementation is done right.

Ethical IT’s project management services ensure you get the best results, now and in the long run.

In today’s information-driven world you can’t risk not using tech resources optimally. You need expert insight and with Ethical IT as your project management service provider, you can look forward to:

  • A dedicated project manager
  • Optimising opportunities
  • Information Security considerations at the heart of solution design
  • Keeping to deadlines
  • Enjoying all the benefits of your new system and products

Don’t let the wrong project management process prevent you from using technology resources to reach your goals. Partner with the team that gets the job done!

360-Management for Optimal Outcomes

For all your IT solutions, we’ll partner with you from start to finish; from planning to implementation. To ensure optimal outcomes, our project management services include three necessary processes and phases that guarantee success:


Our detailed governance methods ensure projects stay on track and on budget.

Your participation in the project is essential and we know you want regular feedback. Therefore, we facilitate this with:

  • Your own dedicated project manager
  • Regular project updates to your senior management and assigned stakeholders
  • Informative, real-time dashboard to track risks, issues, opportunities, workstreams and budget
You, me and Ethical IT


Your company’s project is only successful if you benefit from all its functionality. Unfortunately, human beings are inherently resistant to change and new systems can seem daunting. Ethical IT will work with you, involve you in the process and equip you with knowledge and skills to ensure you ultimately benefit from the new solution.

Ethical IT incorporates user and cyber hygiene training into our project management service to reach these goals:

  • Guarantee end-user satisfaction
  • Enable high productivity
  • Making sure users are comfortable using the new resources
  • Ensuring offering is fit for purpose
  • Alignment with business objectives and ROI goals
  • Enjoying seamless transitions

We provide the resources and empower you to use them effectively!

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No matter what your new system entails, you’ll need support in the future. To ensure our technical team can provide the appropriate assistance you may require somewhere down the line, our project management includes HOTS.

HOTS = Hand over to support.

This process involves a detailed overview of:

  • The project
  • Deliverables
  • Third party agreements
  • Procedural training of the service desk

Consequently, this enables the service desk to support your requests quickly and efficiently, with all of the necessary documentation at their fingertips.

Partner with the team that knows how to manage your project from start to finish and beyond.


Project Management Done Right

On Time

We provide deliverables by due dates, to keep your business on track.

On Budget

We will get you the best prices on hardware, software and professional services.


Throughout the project we keep you up to date on progress. We discuss challenges to find solutions well in advance.


Each project we manage is customised to suit your specific needs. Pick a project manager option that suits you.

User Friendly

You have better outcomes thanks to Ethical IT’s training and transition assistance.


We provide facts and feedback through various channels, so you’re easily kept in the loop.


When we manage your project you get the most sustainable options, to consider and control your carbon footprint.

Package Options to Suit YOU

One size DOESN’T fit all!

Your business has unique needs and a specific budget. We’ll keep it in mind throughout the project!

Talk to our experts for recommendations relevant to the complexity of YOUR project.

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How do you keep us up to date with a project’s progress?

You can use the digital dashboard for live feedback, or discuss progress during regular project updates. Also, you’re welcome to contact your project manager at any time.

What makes you the best project managers for my project?

We’re passionate about finding sustainable solutions and will keep this in mind throughout the management process. Ethical IT has been in the IT business for years, so our experience benefits your organisation.

What happens when the project is done?

Ethical IT offers support services to clients. If you have any problems, contact our help desk. Our HOTS (Hand over to support) ensures the support team will be able to assist in record time.

Who do I contact when I have a concern?

Your dedicated project manager will be available to discuss any question you may have. Because he or she is involved with the project from the start, you’ll always get informative, accurate feedback. However, should you wish to speak to someone in the Senior Management Team you can do so at any time.

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