With the sudden and extended shift to remote working, embracing secure cloud technology has never been more important. Are you ready?

Ethical IT has outlined four key factors that organisations must take into account when designing a secure, remote offering for their business.

1. Home infrastructure

Is your set-up at home adequate? In today’s world, remote workers need to be able to do everything they would normally do at their desk, so make sure your IT systems are adequately set up for this. There is no excuse for not being able to give your staff the access and support they would normally have in the office. Does your computer or laptop enable you to do everything you would do in the office?  Is your connectivity up to standard? Do you need help with setting up WIFI, POE, extenders?  

Ethical IT can offer the following support services:  

  • Laptops – we can source a wide range of laptops, including the world’s first remanufactured carbon-neutral laptops from Circular Computing.  
  • Headsets and other hardware – we can provide you with any additional technical kit you might need.  
  • Connectivity within the home – ensuring this is all working correctly is key.  For example, WIFI and extending this effectively to all parts of the home workplace is a common problem. 

2. Security

Security is paramount in today’s interconnected world. Our technicians will check that your remote set-up is adequately protected, focusing on the following areas:  

Does your home computer have enterprise level Antivirus protection? 

Is the firewall in your home router sufficient?

Is your home computer up to date on all security patching?

Do you need a secure, encrypted connection to your office infrastructure? 

Is your finance team secured when making payments, dealing with payroll etc?

Do you have Multi-factor authentication deployed across all users?

Does your business have adequate backups in place to an offsite location?

3. Video conferencing 

This is a great way of replicating the face-to-face meeting and there are a number of different platforms out there. We can set you up and make sure you stay connected with your team and customer-base. 

Our Microsoft Teams solution is widely used, so the majority of people are familiar with it. Following the recent Zoom privacy concerns (articles here and here), enterprises are shifting away from this solution.

Are you affected? Talk to us to see how we can help you quickly migrate. 

4. Digital Footprint

Are you and your team conscious of the data you are sharing online?

Is cyber security awareness adequate across the business? 

If you’re saving content to a cloud device, make sure you’re not potentially compromising data protection and data privacy laws by using multi-tenanted tools like DropBox.  

Beware of Digital donations platforms – there are many scammers out there.

We hope we can support you during these unprecedented times. Please do get in touch if you would like any help or advice. 

Ethical IT has been inundated with calls from businesses who need support in this area. Read on for more top tips for firms struggling to cope.

  • Invest in the cloud: Cloud computing has revolutionised the way we collaborate online and makes it so easy to switch from office to home environments, with everything in one central location. There are many different platforms available, but we have partnered with Office 365 because we’re a fan of Microsoft’s environmental credentials.
  • Trust your employees: The days when working from home meant spending the day skiving on the sofa are over. There are plenty of tools available to ensure staff follow the same procedures as they would in the office, from conference calls to video chat rooms. Covid-19 may have forced us into this situation, but it’s one that should be embraced and not feared.
  • Convert the technophobes: One of the best things about mass remote working is that many will have to learn new skills and embrace more digital working. Video conferences, virtual meetings and online chat rooms will become the norm, resulting in less time wasted in travel and a huge reduction in CO2 emissions. A win/win all round.
  • Stock up on hardware: There is a shortage of laptops as firms bulk buys in preparation for home working among employees who normally work on desktop computers. We’re proud to have partnered with Circular Computing, producers of the world’s first zero-carbon remanufactured laptop. Every laptop goes through an exacting five-hour remanufacturing process, undergoes a 100 point quality check and is resprayed in a new soft-touch, gloss or matt finish. Plus five trees are planted for every laptop sold. 
  • Be ready for a crisis: If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we have to be ready for the worst. Disaster Recovery and/or Business Continuity plans are vital to all organisations. Many organisations put off making provision for even minor disruptions to their operations, usually due to complexity or cost. Putting plans in place to cover any eventualities can be simple, and straight forward and save you money in the long run. Ethical IT can assist in reviewing and implementing your data security requirements.

To find out more about how Ethical IT can help, please get in touch.