International aid and development charity working in over 50 countries around the world.

The Challenge

Action Aid approached Ethical IT (EIT) as it was looking to reduce its hosting costs. The charges were made up of a combination of connectivity, physical space, and power consumption. This last element in particular had increased in cost over the years as more equipment was added to the platform, and electricity prices went up, to the point where the running costs were becoming prohibitive.

Whilst having a data centre facility is crucial to the high availability of core global systems, EIT was asked to look at how savings could be made to bring the power costs down.

The EIT Solution

Through the use of virtualisation technology, EIT was able to reduce the number of physical servers from 12 to six whilst maintaining the same level of service, which represented a huge power reduction and at the same time not requiring any additional hardware.

EIT also identified several backup systems. Utilising its own Ethical cloud offering, EIT was able to remove the backup systems, and relocate them to space we maintained ourselves, at a fraction of the cost. The space is still secure, resilient and boasts 99.99% uptime, but at a cost that is ideal for collocating backup systems while giving ActionAid the possibility of off-site backups and a standby platform should the data centre go down.