Full IT Support

A full range of IT support services, ranging from network and infrastructure solutions to cloud-based applications, hardware and software – all of which can be specifically designed to fit in with your organisation’s IT requirements.  Our solutions aim to reduce your IT carbon footprint and help your organisation meet its environmental targets.

Cloud Services

As we become accustomed to our data living “out there” in the ether rather than on our hard drives, disks or servers, we also accept the fact that our data sits in the hands of someone else far away. Our cloud-based service providers are chosen for their sustainability and their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, for example using wave energy to power their cloud solutions.

Network & Infrastructure Support Services

Reliable, UK-based technical support for end users and complex IT infrastructures. Adhering to the terms of our Helpdesk Charter we provide full technical and advisory support to organisations across the UK and for overseas offices.

Procurement Services/Strong Strategic Partners

We work with the best and most ethical providers in the industry to offer sustainable and cost-effective IT services. Our strong, strategic partners provide a wide range of hardware and software solutions that have sustainability at their core.

Our Partners

CRM Solutions

We can help to fully implement your chosen CRM system, or undertake a full IT Audit of your existing system to ensure that you are choosing the most suitable, sustainable and ethical CRM system as possible.

Business Continuity Services

Disaster Recovery and/or Business Continuity plans are vital to all organisations. Many organisations put off making provision for even minor disruptions to their operations, usually due to complexity or cost. Putting plans in place to cover any eventualities can be simple, and straight forward and save you money in the long run. Ethical IT can assist in reviewing and implementing your data security requirements.

Monitoring & Maintenance Service

We can provide the IT Management services and systems to ensure the effective monitoring of an organisation’s systems environment. This allows our support team to be proactive to system issues before they occur.

Consultancy Services

Ethical IT can provide IT Consultancy services to your organisation, ensuring that your IT infrastructure is as sustainable as possible. We are able to consult, design and implement your IT infrastructure solutions, Backup requirements, Disaster Recovery solutions, ISO/GDPR standards and Cloud services. In a nutshell, Ethical IT can provide you the complete package.

vCISO – Virtual Chief Information Security Officers

Ethical IT can provide a range of highly qualified Virtual Chief Information Security Officers to support your IT framework and keep your data safe; this allows you to concentrate on your organisation’s core business, whilst allowing us to take care of your cyber security.

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