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IT Services for Nonprofits

Over a decade of providing Managed IT Services toNonprofits organisations

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Give Your Nonprofit the Power of Well-Implemented and Maintained Technology

Is your nonprofit’s tech past its “best before” date? There’s a way to make things easier for your team.

Our IT consultants work with nonprofits of all shapes and sizes to help them find cost-effective solutions to their IT challenges.

Why Nonprofits Like Yours Choose to Partner with Us

  1. Too much work and too little in-house technical “know-how”
  2. Limited IT management budget
  3. Require additional IT resources to pursue their mission
  4. Have outgrown the “one-man-band” IT support solutions
  5. Need high-level IT advice unavailable in-house or through solo IT providers
  6. Concerned about the security of client and donor data on their systems

Tech Aligned to Your Mission

Reaching your short-term/long-term objectives requires your IT system to support your efforts.

We help you navigate:

  • The cost of IT
  • The capability of IT
  • The capacity of IT

Our team helps nonprofits like yours source and implement
cost-effective IT solutions that have the capability and
capacity needed for their next steps.

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What We Offer – Proactive IT Management

Making the most of your IT budget helps you reserve funds for other projects that benefit the community.

Our proactive IT management services give you all the IT support and security you need, at a price that can fit in your budget.

  • Security
  • Network management
  • Mobile workflow consulting
  • Organisational continuity consulting
  • Management of updates and patches
  • Answers for IT questions
  • Responses to troubleshooting requests
  • IT incident response

Solutions that Scale with Your Nonprofits Mission

  • We help you have the right-sized IT resources at every stage of your year and growth.
  • Our IT support can be scaled up or down to match your differing needs as you take on different projects and go through yearly demand cycles.

Security that Protects Your Nonprofits Efforts

Cyber crime costs over £4 trillion annually and according to Charity Times, in the UK alone charities are set to lose £1.3 billion in 2022. One ransomware attack can derail a nonprofit’s plans and put its mission on hold indefinitely.

We’re here to help you prevent that from happening.

Your confidential files have information about both clients and donors that could be valuable to a cybercriminal. Protecting that data has to be part of your overall mission strategy.

  • 24/7/365 automated security monitoring
  • Security updates and patches
  • Secure data backups
  • IT incident response
  • Firewall and antivirus management

Common myths dispelled

“We’re a small charity. We can’t afford professional IT help.”

Reality: Every day we collaborate seamlessly with nonprofits like yours, supporting their heroic efforts. Budgeted IT support is a model that gives you predictable IT care costs.

“We can do it in house. We don’t need an IT management firm.”  

Reality: With enough time, you can read the tech manuals and find all the answers yourself. But your mission needs your attention, and your tech work can be passed on to our team.

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