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As we become accustomed to our data living “out there” in the ether rather than on our hard drives, disks or servers, we also accept the fact that our data sits in the hands of someone else far away. Migrating to a cloud system such as Office 365 has huge benefits to most small businesses and is something we strongly advocate. 

If you are a charity, the donation scheme that Microsoft offers, giving away Office 365 for free, has seen Ethical IT help a number of charitable organisations as a result. Ethical IT can take on this process, providing you with reliable and secure cloud set-up, along with training and support to ensure that significant cost and time savings are delivered. 

So what can Ethical IT help with to ensure a responsible approach to IT security? We will look to break things down further by spending some time discussing five core areas of the IT Security landscape with your management team:
  1. Data Retention – how long do you need to keep old data for?
  2. Encryption – how easy is it to get at your data if a device is lost or stolen? 
  3. Liability – what insurance do you have to cover against malicious theft of your data?
  4. Location – where is your data stored, and how easy is it to get to?
  5. IT security best practice – how do we use and control mobile and desktop devices?
At Ethical IT we can put together a combination of applications, controls and manual checks such as annual stress testing to simulate data loss and help you implement your IT Security policy, and audit / check how effective it is each year to ensure you are keeping up with the latest threats.

If you would like to discuss how you can be confident of your organisations IT security in these changing times, please contact us via and we will be happy to help


Ethical IT can take on the cloud migration process, providing you with a reliable and secure cloud set-up supported by  training and support to ensure that significant cost and time savings are delivered. 
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