Frequently Asked Questions

I want the Cloud, but I’m not entirely sure what it is?!
You are not alone! "The Cloud” is a very broad term that at its most basic level simply means running your systems or data elsewhere, rather than on equipment that you own and run on your premises. Ethical IT offer various levels of Cloud Services, from Hosted Email, where we store your emails and you access them from your computer, phone, tablets etc; to Online Backups, where we back up your important data that may be kept on your premises, to our own platform to keep it safe should you have a major failure on site; to Hosted Desktop, where your desktop, emails, documents and programs are stored on our servers, meaning you don’t need expensive PCs or your own servers at all and access is the same wherever you are in the world.

How secure is my data in Ethical IT's Cloud?
We run our own private cloud, on hardware we own and maintain ourselves, from a highly secure Data Centre; we don’t outsource anything to large third party corporations. Our group has had to pass rigorous NHS testing to enable us to have a secure connection into the NHS N3 and we work with customers who use platforms such as CJSM and PGP for securely transmitting and receiving highly sensitive data from sectors such as Family Intervention, Child Support, and Criminal Justice.

Will I own my data, or will I be restricted if I move my data to Ethical IT? What if I want to leave?w
Unlike a lot of other providers, we always build a bespoke environment for our customers, meaning they completely own the data (and the “virtual” server licenses) via the CTX Scheme. This means that your cloud environment is totally your own and we maintain and run it for you on our hardware. We will advise and support you but ultimately you are free to ask us to make whatever changes or install any software you would like us to.  If you did decide to leave us, we would give you all of your virtual servers and data to take to another provider, who can simply fire it up on their hardware and give you access, in a matter of days.

What happens if Ethical IT have problems with their systems?
Our Data Centre was chosen (after an stringent selection process) to offer the best possible resilience; we have a 99.997% up time guarantee and everything is built with failover in mind – there are two separate power feeds, two diesel generators that can run the facility for months if needed, two major internet links to the UK’s major ISP Hubs and our equipment is equally specified with multiple failover switches, RAID configurations and active monitoring. Through our partnership with The Ethical Property Company, we also replicate all our data to other locations and can relocate our whole team to another Ethical Property serviced office at zero notice and continue to function from there.

What other services do you offer – websites, databases, hardware?
We have a wide pool of associates and support customers’ databases, CRM and websites routinely. We have also written our own CRM system, called C2, developed specifically for charities based on our experiences in this area -  We work with a number of cabling firms who we trust and can vouch for, and can procure any IT equipment needed and work closely with two telecomms providers who specialise in the Third Sector and can arrange phone lines, internet upgrades, mobile phones etc.Finally, through our partnership with The Ethical Property Company, we can help you find new office space for your organisation throughout the UK.