Our 'Fair Usage' policy - Ethical Property centres

In relation to Ethical Property Centres with Fibre Connections
Ethical Property recognises that using the Internet is central to the work of our tenants. We provide a robust communal internet service for all tenants to freely use for their work, at no extra charge.

Using the internet carries a certain level of risk, and it is your responsibility to do all you can to reduce that and protect your IT systems. Likewise – and as with all communal services in your Ethical Property building - you have a duty to act responsibly and considerately when using the internet, for the benefit of everyone.

This text is intended to clearly define the conditions of use of the communal internet within Ethical Property Centres.  All tenants using the communal internet are expected to be compliant with this policy, and are responsible for ensuring that their staff adhere to it. In the event of actual or suspected misuse of access to the communal internet line, or breach of the following guidelines, action may be taken against the tenant which could result in excess fees being charged by Ethical IT for remedial action, and could lead to them being taken off the service.

About the service – please pass this info to your IT providers
We are working to upgrade internet connectivity across all centres to ensure it is delivered via Fibre Optic Leased Line, giving 1 to 1 business grade connectivity with very stable connection and low contention. For the exact specification of the service in your building and any technical questions please email support@ethicalit.net.

A fully managed Firewall sits in front of the line, and each tenant is given their own VLAN network in which to operate. Each VLAN has an internal IP range in the 10.x.x.x range and your network must be aligned to this, to use the communal service. Your new network range will be provided before your move in to ensure you can access the service immediately. You may need Ethical IT Support to help update internal IP addresses for items such as Printers and Servers to ensure they can connect correctly. Ethical IT can provide assistance with these changes if required.

No tenant firewalls or routers may sit behind the main building firewall due to double-NAT, however we can allocate you Public IP(s) and do any Port Forwarding needed in liaison with your IT Provider. We do not charge for allocating Public IPs but ask that you explain why you need it / them.

DHCP can be served from the building network, or switched off and done from your own server(s) if you have them. We operate communal Cisco switches via the building’s structured cabling and assign however many ports to your VLAN as needed, although you can also install your own switch and simply uplink one port to the communal internet if you prefer. Wireless can be installed in tenant offices by tenants, but must be secured.  Bandwidth usage per VLAN is monitored and this is a shared resource - please be considerate.

Conditions of use
All tenants are offered a connection to the communal internet line in the center through a port(s) on the Ethical Property Company communal switches. Once this connection is established, it is the tenant’s responsibility to configure the settings on individual pc’s to allow access to the internet.  

Unfortunately, the Web is a major source of Trojans and viruses. For this reason it is important that tenants using the service abide by the following security guidelines for their own protection:-
  • All computers must have adequate, up to date anti-virus protection. A free user guide we have written on malware and virus protection (including free tools to clean PC’s and stay protected) is available from support@ethicalit.net
  • If you are running your own server, open mail relays are not permitted and should servers become compromised Ethical IT will charge for their time to disable your network for the good of all users
  • Bandwidth utilisation is shared, and usage is reported on a tenant by tenant basis. If your organisation is consistently using a higher than average amount of bandwidth and causing the line to become full or “saturated”, we may need to discuss this with your IT. The Fiber lines have a high capacity and a big throughput however the service must remain useable to all tenants and the building’s Firewall will stop a single device using more than its fair share.
Being considerate
  • The service is communal; bear that in mind. If you need to do lots of large file transfers or video / picture uploads, do them in the late afternoons towards the end of the week, not first thing on a Monday morning!
  • The User is responsible for ensuring registration of any necessary license and informing Computer Services of license compliance. Users should be aware of the law relating to the Copyright and Design Patents Act 1998
  • All Torrent and Peer to Peer traffic (BitTorrent, Bit Lord, LimeWire etc.) is blocked, without exception.
Monitoring of use
We don’t block access to anything (other than Torrent/illegal file sharing) or record what websites are viewed - we are not censors.  However, we do have to maintain a good service for all, so in addition to regular monitoring to ensure the service is available, if we do find disproportionately high usage, virus or spam traffic coming from your organisation, Ethical Property reserve the right under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (2000) to investigate monitoring logs. If investigations prove a tenant is abusing the use of the communal line or their network or server(s) have been compromised, the cost of investigating may be passed on to the tenant.

For further information please call 0845 337 2989 or email enquiries@ethicalit.net.